You and Me Kid is an American children's television series which premiered on The Disney Channel on April 18, 1983.[1] The series is hosted by Sonny Melendrez who was joined by the You and Me Players (Toni Attell, Caleb Chung, Mitchell Young Evans, Gary Schwartz and Ricci Mann). Each show lasts approximately 30 minutes and is dedicated to building interactive skills between parents and their toddler children. The shows contains five segments:[2]

   Let's Go! (exercise skills)
   You and Me Theater (creative drama)
   Famous and 1/2 (celebrities and their children)
   Ssh! (listening and observation skills)
   Mime Your Own Business (pantomime)

Its theme song is Just You and Me, Kid by Robin Frederick.[3]

The show ran for 130 episodes[3] and reruns continued to air on the channel until September 29, 1991.[4]

Four VHS tapes were released by Walt Disney Home Video in the mid-1980s for the then new video home rental market. Each tape contained four episodes[5] and have since become hard to find.

In 1988, a store with same name opened up at Disney Village Marketplace that sold children apparel, games and toys.[6] References

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